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MY Story

My name is Monae Hazwood I am a 21 year old wig creator.

At the age 17 I had begin to experiment, I became very enthused in watching wig tutorials and installations on YouTube. I created my first wig by hand stitching and I was in love with a simple hair color level 4-5  (chocolate brown). The more I had began to learn and experiment with my units, the more I developed a drive to challenge myself to further my creativity. When I started to get noticed and many compliments on my hair from peers, I decided to really pursue my passion in the hair industry. In addition to having that true passion for wig units, I had invested into a sewing machine. It was not an easy task to be self-instructed with absolutely no experience. However, after consistently getting out of school and work on a daily, I would sit at my kitchen table for hours just watch YouTube videos on how to operate the machine. I had a lot of frustrating days and a lot of confusing ones, but eventually I had began to understand how the machine operated. That to this day had been one of the most special moments in my life. The self confidence I had finally gained when I was able to correctly utilize the machine for my units had inspired me to pursue my dream in giving to others.  

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